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Great style!


Μου αρέσει... Mην ρωτήσετε γιατί!

Who: Hannah Lambert, assistant to Sarah Mower Why: After the Meedham Kirchoff show we were all elated from having seen one of the most fun shows of the month. I darted across the road and proclaimed my love for Hannah’s style hair, braces, everything. She really didn’t want to be photographed at all during London Fashion Week. She said, “I hate having my picture taken. I hate my braces. Really I can’t!” And I said, “Are you kidding I LOVE your braces!” And she said, “Oh okay. But don’t show my braces.” And I said, “But they make you look even cooler!” And that’s when she started laughing. This season's target: I love fashion assistants and students. Girls who love fashion but are really creative with how they interpret it. They are my ultimate favorites.
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