04 March, 2012

Tuxedo...Kάνε και 'συ μια ρίγα, ΜΠΟΡΕΙΣ!

Tuxedo satin lined trousers are no longer reserved for gaudy black and gold invites. And we're not talking about the standard boring black pair. From cobalt blues to an array of patterns donning harem pants - the key to the new tuxedo is taking the black-tie out of the classic.

So, pull out some trousers, snip some ribbon and make your very own in 5 easy, no-sewing steps.
How to: DIY Tuxedo Pants
You will need:
9 ft ribbon of your choice
Iron-on fabric adhesive (we used Heat-n-Bond)
1. Measure: Lay your pants on a flat, iron safe, surface with the outer seam side up. Using your ribbon, measure your trousers from top to bottom - leave an excess of 2 inches at each end. Double this length and cut two equal size pieces.

2. Adhere tape to ribbon: Cut adhesive tape to be the same length as your ribbon and lay flat on the back side of .....

-A great thanks to Geri for this useful post-

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